Neighborhood support community – Salzburg gehört zusammen

We are looking for people under the age of 60 to volunteer.

You want to help vulnerable people or people in need in your neighborhood in the city of Salzburg, e.g. to go grocery shopping?

Please note: for your own protection we can only accept registrations from people under 60 years of age, with no symptoms of illness. This project relies on an absolut reduction of contact during every interaction.

Through the switch to distance learning and E-Learning, we encourage especially students to get active, according to your abilities and capabilities.

Please follow the security guidelines and the current official safety instructions of the authorities

You can register as a volunteer right here:

    Montag, before noon 8-12:00Monday, afternoon 12-17:00Monday, evening 17-20:00Tuesday, before noon 8-12:00Tuesday, afternoon 12-17:00Tuesday, evening 17-20:00Wednesday, before noon 8-12.00Wednesday, afternoon 12-17:00Wednesday, evening 17-20:00Thursday, before noon 8-12:00Thursday, afternoon 12-17:00Thursday, evening 17-20:00Friday, before noon 8-12:00Friday, afternoon 12-17:00Friday, evening 17-20:00Saturday, before noon 8-12:00Saturday, afternoon 12-17:00Saturday, evening 17-20:00Sunday, before noon 8-12:00Sunday, afternoon 12-17:00Sunday, evening 17-20:00

    Application closed at the moment

    This project of the Diakoniewerk in cooperation with the City of Salzburg and the Bewohnerservice (Citizen service) is supported by the following student representations: